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Leading hexamine manufacturer. Quality control system. Low price and price stability. Just-In-Time delivery. Flexible payment terms.

Quality Control

Inspection before shipments. Independent QC Departments. Third-party inspection Institution. ISO, REACH,SGS etc..

Professional Service

Products experts. More than 10 years chemical exporting experience. professional after-sales service. Clear and efficient Claim system.

Why Choose Us?

As leading hexamine manufacturer and supplier, zhonglan industry have advantages in price, supply ability, quality control and service ability etc. Which make all clients satisfied and comfortable.

  • Good factory price and stable price. Save your money.
  • Stable supply capacity. Good to your business and production plans
  • Rich experience in the export of chemicals.

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Hexamine primary usage

Medical professionals use hexamine as an antibiotic to treat urinary tract infections. The specific medication used is called methenamine hippurate.... Read More →

Hexamine property and discovery

Hexamine property Hexamine is Hexamethylenetetramine which is a heterocyclic organic compound with the molecular formula (CH2)6N4. A heterocyclic cyclic compound... Read More →

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